Our Team

Lane Dixon, DVM


Dr. Dixon graduated from Carrizozo High School in 2002 where he grew up on a cattle ranch. After high school he attended NMSU where he received his Bachelors degree in Animal Science. In 2010 he graduated from Colorado State University with his DVM and received the outstanding student in Equine Reproduction.

He has spent the last seven years in Ruidoso New Mexico at a mixed animal practice where he has gained invaluable experience in equine and bovine reproduction, colic surgery, equine arthroscopic surgery, small animal orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, and general medicine for all species.

Dr. Dixon left Ruidoso to start a family with his beautiful wife Karla and his kids Ethan, Oakley, Raelynn, and Kinlee. Dr. Dixon started East Mountain Veterinary Service in January of 2017.

When he is not treating critters he enjoys spending time with Karla, the kids and their animals. Dr. Dixon enjoys roping, snowboarding, and playing hockey.

Alicia Wilson, DVM


Dr. Alicia Wilson was born and raised in Fountain, Colorado, a small city between Colorado Springs and Pueblo just outside of the Fort Carson Army base. Following high school graduation she moved to Mount Vernon, Iowa to attend Cornell College. In just over 2 years time she graduated from Cornell with a Bachelor of arts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She applied to Veterinary schools across the nation where she was accepted to Cornell University, UC Davis, and Midwestern University.

She began pursuing a career in the veterinary field, as most stories go, as a young child falling in love with the idea of helping animals. Dr. Wilson began shadowing at various clinics and even found a job in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where she was able to help educate others about animals, their needs and the means of taking care of them. She is all about the exotics and is a big proponent of conservation medicine and loves working with them every opportunity that she gets. She also loves working with horses and large animals in general. She is a member of the WDA and AAEP.

Dr. Wilson loves to go on hikes and, when she had a horse in her life, enjoyed riding immensely. She currently has 2 dogs at home who are a result of working at the clinic, but she absolutely loves them. Dr. Wilson also enjoys artwork, mostly doing graphite personally, but will dabble into chalks, charcoals, and paints. She also does sewing and cross stitch.

Brittnee Bowdoin

Veterinary Technician

Brittnee has been a veterinary technician with East Mountain Veterinary Service since October 15th of 2018. She grew up in Az, spending time in her youth in other states as well.

Brittnee was asked all her life if she would be a vet since she was so good with animals. She has not regretted a day of her decision to join this profession. She has enjoyed being a veterinary technician and wouldn’t trade it for anything, other than maybe full time mom!

Brittnee is a wife and mother of 2, a daughter and son. She loves teaching her family about everything, especially their whole little farm of animals. She also loves music, horseback riding, reading by the fire, snow, and summer!

Kara Allman

Veterinary Assistant

Kara has been a veterinary technician with East Mountain Veterinary Service since April of 2020. Kara believes  that veterinary medicine offers her a  unique opportunity to combine her love for medicine, biology, and math with her passion for helping animals. Her favorite thing about veterinary medicine is that there is always something new to learn. She has always had a deep love and respect for all creatures, and feels fortunate to spend her days surrounded by people who feel the same way.

When not at work, Kara enjoys cooking, gardening, beekeeping, and spending time with her husband and three daughters. Her home is ruled by two dogs, Loki and Hopper, 5 cats, and lots of chickens and ducks.

Jeanna DeVecchio

Veterinary Technician

Jeanna has worked with us as a Veterinary Technician since 2019. She is from Oregon, but moved here at a younger age and has spent most of her life here in Edgewood. She has an associate’s degree in Political Science but veterinary medicine has always been her primary passion.

Her family has always owned animals of all sizes. Her interest and love for them began at a young age and really peaked when her mom would take her to work after school at a vet clinic since they did not have a babysitter. Her favorite thing about working with animals is helping them recover and stay healthy along with the unconditional love they offer us.

She loves going off-roading in her free time, spending time with friends and animals at home, traveling, and being able to see new things while meeting new people.

Josh Jordan

Veterinary Technician

Josh as one of our veterinary technicians here at East Mountain Veterinary Services, and one of many wonderful people that will be caring for your pet!

In his free time, he likes to spent time with his wife Feather and son Colt. His family has three dogs, Lydia, Trixie and Jibii, a bearded dragon named Reptar, and a tortoise named Tuga.

Amy Kazmar

Veterinary Technician

Amy is a RVT and has been with us since March 2020. She was born and raised in New Mexico, mainly in the East mountain area. Amy has always wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age. When her schooling went a bit off track, she decided to be a veterinary technician. Her favorite thing about working with animals is that every animal is different, from their personality, species, medical concern, etc. Amy knew right away when she started in this profession that she knew she was in the right place. Being able to see the impact she makes on all of the animals’ and owners’ lives is just amazing.

Amy has been married to her husband since August 2011. They have a seven year old daughter and 5 year old son as well as six cats and two dogs. She enjoys doing activities outdoors and spending time with her family.

Carissa Gibbard

Veterinary Assistant

Carissa is a Veterinarian Assistant and started working at East Mountain Veterinary Services in May of 2018. She has lived in New Mexico her whole life. Because her family members are also animal lovers, they moved to the mountains of the Chililli Land Grant and lived there for 13 years.

Ever since she knew what a Veterinarian was, Carissa always wanted to be in this field. She loved animals so much that all she wanted to do was help them. Her favorite thing about working with animals is seeing a pet’s health turn around after treatment, and even the reactions of their owners when their pets health turns around, and we helped with that.

Carissa grew up in a family of 6. They have always loved all their animals and there was not a time in her childhood they did not have some sort of animal from horses, dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, hamsters, etc. She started rodeoing when she was little, so of course her favorite was always her horses. She currently lives in Edgewood with her Fiancé, our 5 dogs, 2 cats, and her horse, and they are expecting their first baby girl in December 2020 (not that you couldn’t already tell).

Molly Risacher

Veterinary Assistant

Molly as one of our veterinary assistants here at East Mountain Veterinary Services, and one of many wonderful people that will be caring for your pet! Molly was born and raised in Edgewood New Mexico.

She has always had a passion for animals since day one. She finds them to be the most humbling creatures on this planet. She thinks the best thing you can do on this earth is to help the helpless. Her favorite thing about working with animals is that no matter what they are going through, they always greet you with a happy face and a kind heart.

Molly comes from a large family. She is one of 5 siblings. When she is not at work, she am usually hiking with her dogs in the mountains. Growing up in the east mountains was the best part of her life, the fresh air and the freedom to be what you want to be.

Caelina Garcia

Veterinary Assistant

Caelina has been with us since 2016 and currently enjoys her position as a Veterinary Assistant. She is a New Mexico native, she moved with her parents and brothers 25 years ago. On top of taking care of animals, and attending university full time, she also has a 5-year-old son.

Her career path in veterinary medicine started 4 years ago when she was 19 years old. Her favorite thing in this career path is her ability to help provide top-notch care for animals, and being able to save a life whenever possible. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to become a Veterinarian, becoming a part of East Mountain Veterinary Service, who has not only shown her support and opportunities but has also encouraged her to pursue her dreams further to reality.

She currently lives in Edgewood, NM along with her family and five-year-old son, Matthias. She enjoys riding my horses, camping, fishing, and spending time with her family in her downtime. She is a full-time college student at UNM, a full-time Vet technician, single mom, and animal lover!

Cori Coulware

Veterinary Assistant

Cori is a veterinary assistant here at East Mountain Veterinary Service. She received her assistant certificate through PIMA Medical Institute. She has always loved animals and loves earning the trust of fearful animals. She knew that she had made the right career choice when she watched a comatose puppy fight her way back and live!

Gloria Sarver

Veterinary Assistant

Gloria has been a Veterinary Assistant with East Mountain Vets since September 2020. She’s wanted to work in the Veterinary field since the age of 15; she grew up helping her family with goats, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, pigs, cats, and dogs and always wanted to figure out what was going on with them and to help them when they were sick. She has a knack for learning how to help them and watching them get better.

She realized she would never be bored in this profession as there is always something new to learn, but also driven by the great reward of helping the animals and her teammates throughout the day. She comes from a family that has always encouraged and helped her to achieve her goals, they are her greatest support system. When she is not working she also enjoys doing leather-craft and singing.

Eliot Arrowsmith

Veterinary Assistant

Eliot is a Veterinary Assistant who started in November 2020. He grew up in Ruidoso and started with Pima in March of 2020 to become a veterinary technician.

His passion for working in the veterinary industry started when he was a kid when his mom would take in animals from the side of the road. They would always keep the animals they saved so Eliot grew up with a lot of animals from dogs and cats to horses and goats and African greys and a hamster. Eliot’s favorite thing about working with animals is that I get to see them at their worst and watch them get better over time to go back home.

Eliot’s family includes his wife, Kaila, who has been his main support for going to school and finishing school. Together they have 3 kids: Brooklyn, Madisyn, and Zayden. They also have 3 cats and 2 dogs (one of which only has 3 paws!). Outside of work, Eliot enjoys spending time with his family and wants to take his family fishing and camping.

Angel Rey

Veterinary Assistant

Coming soon.

Jennifer D’Amato

Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer is a Veterinary Assistant who started in November 2020. She is a native New Mexican born and raised and still resides in Sandia Park, NM. Her favorite thing about working with animals is that every animal has a different personality, and she enjoys working with them and the experience that each animal brings. She has a passion for helping animals and humans. With being a veterinary assistant, by taking care of someone’s pet you are also taking care of their owner and she finds that to be very rewarding. She married her high school sweetheart and recently celebrated 20 years together this year! They have 1 son who is 13, 4 dogs, 2 cats 1 horse. She enjoys camping, fishing, riding dirt bikes, riding horses, and just spending time with her family.

Leah Tsiosdia

Veterinary Assistant

Leah is a veterinary assistant and has been with us since October 2020. She attended Pima medical institute to be a certified veterinary assistant. Since animals can’t speak for themselves, she wanted to be that person to figure out what was wrong with them and to help them. She remains very passionate about her career and is excited about her future growth!

Ashley Cordell

Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Briana Dooley

Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Mark Dixon

Large Animal Foreman

Bio coming soon!

Karla Dixon

Practice Manager

Karla Grew up here in Edgewood and graduated from Moriarty High School. She completed degrees at both NMSU and UTEP before ultimately coming home to Edgewood where she met Dr. Dixon and they started a beautiful family together. Karla is a very busy mom, wife, and business women. She specializes in helping people in any way she can. She developed Project Pawsitive which is designed to help those in need for emergency and unexpected expenses.

Dina Abernathy

Front Office Manager

Dina has been ensuring front office processes have been running smoothly since November 2019 as our front office lead. She is a native New Mexican. Born and raised in the Valley.

She found a niche in veterinary medicine where she has been happily working for close to 12 years. Throughout her life, she has always had some sort of animal, dog, cat, reptiles, birds from farm to Moluccan cockatoos. It became clear to her she was in the right place by the way animals reacted around her. And after a while, their owners started to grow on her as well.

Her personal interests include raising poultry and learning about herbal medicine. Her passion would be spending time with her grandchildren. Her inspiration would be her boss Karla Dixon, she’s one amazing lady!

Jodi Stotz

Client Relations Specialist, Front Office

Jodi is a Client Relations Specialist here at East Mountain. She is originally from WI and moved to New Mexico about 3 yrs ago.

Jodi grew up on the family farm back in WI and has always been around animals. Working with animals has always been a dream for her. As a child, she wanted to be a zoologist. She has a pack of dogs of her own, 1 cat, goats, chickens, and ducks. Being able to help others with their babies makes her smile. She knew she was in the right profession the day she started. She loves helping clients with their questions and their fur babies.

Outside of work, Jodi enjoys spending time with her son and her fiancé. She loves spending time outdoors in many different activities. She loves spending time with my animals at home, watching movies, and curling up by the fire on the cold days.

Kandi Huxtable

Client Relations Specialist, Front Office, and Veterinary Assistant

Kandi is part of our customer service team here at East Mountain Veterinary Services since March of 2019.

Kandi has earned 2 associate degrees (1 in liberal arts; 1 in science), 2 bachelor degrees (1 in fine arts; 1 in science), 3 masters degrees (1 in fine arts; 1 in science; 1 in business).

She loves working with animals and loves the unconditional love that they give. She knew that she chose the right career when her experience and skills in human medicine crossed over into veterinary medicine.

Outside of work, Kandi enjoys spending time with her husband on horseback and watching the beautiful sunsets! Kandi has a dream to run her own cattle company someday.

Laura Mancuso

Client Relations Specialist, Front Office

Laura is a Client Relations Specialist here at the practice. She is a military retired veteran of 21 years, served active duty Army, Army Reserves, and in 2004 transferred to Air Force National Guard.

She began working in the veterinary industry in June of 2020. She and her husband have 3 horses and adopted 4 dogs and 1 cat. She always thought about working with a veterinarian office and here she is today. Laura knew she was in the profession because her military skills with medical units presented different ways to build her relationships with people and their cultures around the world.

Laura is married to her wonderful husband, Drake, who also served with Marine Corps. She became a college student for the third time and graduated with honors in 2019 Phlebotomy and Medical Coding. Laura’s horses are her passion besides her family and she shows her quarter horse, Radar in Western Pleasure with SWQHA.

Brooke Erdman

Client Relations Specialist, Front Office

Brooke started working in the front office since March of 2020. Her Bachelor’s Degree is in Animal Science specializing in Equine, however she still continues to learn more each day.

Her inspiration to care for other’s pets came from her childhood rabbit. Through him, she believes our pets help us in all parts of our life especially when most needed. It is because of that she want to help them when they are needing us the most.

Outside of work, she is with her family or playing soccer. You can still see her try to juggle at least 70 in a row whether that’s with her head, knee, or foot. She is trying to see if her dogs will go for it but they are more interested in swimming or hiking with her. Brooke is also a huge Disney and Marvel fan.

Amanda Anzures

Client Relations Specialist, Front Office and Veterinary Assistant

Amanda is a Client Relations Specialist and started on March 23, 2020. She was born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico and graduated from Atrisco Heritage Academy with college education in phlebotomy. She came to Edgewood because of amazing people and environment.

Since she first started working, she have always had a passion for working with all animals and seemed to keep wandering back to veterinary medicine.

Outside of work, Amanda loves to play sports and continue her education. She aspires to move up within East Mountain Veterinary Services.

Nickie Keswater

Client Relations Specialist, Front Office

Nickie was born in Mesa Arizona in 1998 and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2003. She wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a child. She began working in Edgewood as a ranch hand with few different places and they happened to also use Dr. Dixon. After establishing him as her vet for two years, she was finally able to get a job at the clinic as a receptionist where she enjoyed making clients happy and helping all animals!

When she isn’t busy at the practice, she enjoys spending time with her family at home and going waterfowl hunting with her husband and their black lab Dixie. She has grown up in the outdoors since she was nine, where she helped guide hunts with her father and uncle in New Mexico. She also loves camping, big game hunting, and fishing.

Sonya Franklin

Client Relations Specialist, Front Office

Bio coming soon.

Alysha Lenderman

Client Relations Specialist

Bio coming soon.

Lara McClure

Client Relations Specialist

Bio coming soon.

Emillie Mills

Client Relations Specialist

Bio coming soon.